Nelsons Dangerous Dive


Nelsons Dangerous Dive is a book written by local author, Ellie Jackson. It focuses on the issues of ghost fishing nets in our oceans. Written in a gentle way that is set to inspire the future generations to make a difference.

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Nelsons Dangerous Dive is the 3rd in “The Wild Tribe Heroes” series written by local author, Ellie Jackson. Ellie’s books are beautifully written and have stunning illustrations. The books tackle the issues of ocean plastics and ghost fishing nets and the threat that they pose to our wildlife.

Nelson’s Dangerous Dive goes deep underwater with Nelson the Whale where he discovers a hidden shipwreck and learns that what lurks below may not let you go. As he desperately signals for help, luck is on his side as a group of brave tourists give him the break he needs!

These books are perfect for primary age children.