Duffys Lucky Escape!


A beautifully written and illustrated book, looking at ocean plastics and how they affect our wildlife. Perfect for Primary age children, the books are written in a gentle way that is set to inspire the future generations to make a difference.

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Duffys Lucky Escape, is a beautifully written and illustrated book based on real experiences that Author Ellie Jackson and her family witnessed while living in Australia. Ellie now lives in Looe and her series of books, “The Wild Tribe Heroes” gently tackles various environmental issues that are putting our wildlife under threat.

Wild Tribe Heroes is the #1 children’s book series tackling the issue of ocean plastics. Duffy’s Lucky Escape will transport you to a tropical paradise where Duffy the Sea Turtle lives amongst beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish only for Duffy to learn that not all that floats is food. As time is running out Duffy has a lucky escape when kind people step in to save the day. A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated true story about the problem of ocean plastics with a happy ending. Loved by children, parents and teachers around the world.